Genidia is a new concept office chair that formulates humanity, ergonomics and technology with a poetic touch. Its cutting edge outline, breakthrough bonding design and interactive sitting posture care engineering; will spearhead trends of office chair development in the foreseeable future.

Design & Features

Hold headrest forward to adjust its position.

Hold headrest upward or downward to adjust headrest’s height.

Push button up and down to adjust headrest surface height.

Hold backrest and lift up to adjust backrest’s height.

Hold both side button of lumbar and lift up and down to adjust lumbar’s height.

Push button left to increase spine curve morphing capture tension. Push right to reduce tension.

Lift lever to adjust seat height. Push lever backward to adjust back recline.

Turn knob clockwise to increase back tilt tension and vice versa.

genidia_feature9Hold front edge of seat and push forward or backward to adjust seat depth.

Hold seat front edge and lift upward to adjust seat angle.

Armrest can be adjusted in height, angle, depth and width.

Press button to turn device on. If sitting in incorrect posture, device will alarm within a minute.

Sitting Posture Warning


This system can help users to correct their sitting posture, allowing them to be seated healthily. After turning on the device, if user is in incorrect sitting posture more than one minute, the device will be activated to alert the user.



Model code: GENIDIA

Seat height: 525 – 595mm

Seat depth: 500mm

Seat width: 445mm

Back height from seat: 645mm