Working in an office typically involves spending a great deal of time sitting in an office chair.

Thus, from the design and careful selection of the finest quality materials through to the hands of our skilled craftmanship on the final touches of finished products and stringent quality controls in order to ensure that only quality and distinctive office chairs are deliver from our factory.

Design & Features

1. Fixed Armrest

Trendy shape moulded polypropylene armret in black finish.

2. Mesh Backrest

Breathable mesh backrest with higher durability of polyurethane fabric mesh with additional softness allows user with body-fiiting comfort, releasing heat and moisture where the flow of air between user back achieving an ideal thermal control, ensuring user with utmost pleasant feel even prolonged seating hours.

3. Tilting Mechanism

Swivel metal mechanism with one locking system at the seat right posture, allows separate tilting of backrest and seating in different angles, ease user movement for different posture.

4. Sleek Nylon Base

Five pronged sleek nylon base, generated by highly sophisticated ambience to provide strong stability.

5. Polypropylene Castors

The twin-wheel castors are designed for smooth gliding with safety feature, enable user to swivel in any directions in a perfect balanced environment.

6. Polyurethane Sponge and Fine Stitches

High density polyurethane sponge and enhanced quality upholstery with fine stitching workmanship provides soft and cushiony seating feeling.



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