Genesis Office Pod

Office pods are becoming increasingly popular as a way to boost productivity with high focus on user comfort and privacy needs.

New ways of working.

How we work has changed dramatically over the years, especially when the workplace has a lot more flexibility now. The office pod can help provide these spaces, allowing workers to be a part of the office without having to experience common distractions.


Designed to help you work with others and grow your network.


Helps your brain get into work mode for focused productivity.


A space where community, connections and creativity happen.

Work Pod

Work pods are compact & make good use of usually unpopulated floorspace and can act as
a sound boundary between work areas.

Private Pod

Private pods are perfect for focused work areas within the workplace, encouraging private work and quiet space shielded from the busy office.

Focus Pod

The focus pod is designed for daily office needs which allows user to focus on the task at hand.
Perfectly suited for management level executives who need a space to concentrate and focus
on their work.

Meeting Pod

Meeting pod placed within the shared spaces of an office can guarantee a minimum level of privacy. These meeting pods ensure the privacy of people inside, while not bothering people outside.

Discussion Pod

Discussion pod as a modular structure can be placed every where in office spaces depending on specific needs. They can be installed against a wall, or freely in the middle of an open-plan space.

Leisure Pod

Leisure pod is designed for public space as a private zone to prevent disturbing in the open space area.

Power accessories

On desk power module Power point box Electric power box Wire tray & wooden flip up cover
On desk power module
Power point box
Electric power box
Wire tray & wooden flip up cover

Wire Management