This Super Comfortable Smart Chair is Intelligent in Every Way

This Super Comfortable Smart Chair is Intelligent in Every Way

Apr 05, 2024Developer WD

It’s hard to find a good office chair. They’re all good for that 5-minutes of testing at the showroom, but will give you mysterious back, neck, and shoulder aches long after your sitting marathon at the office.

Enter the POFIT chair: a highly customisable chair to suit various heights, weights, and body types. Developed by researchers who have studied data and feedback on sitting habits, POFIT promises to change the game. Plus, it comes with a smart app.



The Chair

5D Headrest for all Body Types and Working Styles

Most office chairs have a fixed headrest, or one that’s minimally adjustable. As a result, they provide insufficient support, leaving you with neck, back, and shoulder aches. 

The POFIT chair eliminates this strain by including a 5D headrest that’s height, tilt, and angle adjustable. For tall people, there are 2 ways to adjust the headrest height: on the headrest itself, and for further extension, the back of the headrest which extends even further.


You can also adjust the tilt of the headrest and the angles on the sides of the headrest to customise a headrest position that suits your exact needs! So whether you’re sitting upright to work at your computer or leaning back for a quick break, the headrest will cradle your head and neck perfectly. 

The headrest is also designed with a compression to provide comfort and support for various head shapes.

Revolutionary Spine Support to Minimise Back Aches

The Bionic Spine Adjustment feature is a spinal support system that is designed to mimic the vertebrate with a spine and double wing design.  As everyone’s built with a different body type and height, the Bionic Spine easily adjusts into 7 positions to match your unique back curvature, catering to users of different heights from 150cm – 190cm.



While regular office chairs only offer support to the 3 joints on the lumbar spine (mid-lower back), the POFIT’s Bionic Spine supports 5 joints on the lumbar spine with additional 3 joints on the thoracic spine (mid-back) and 1 joint on the sacrum spine (lower back). With such close and customisable support for your back, you can work and game comfortably for long hours without body aches.

As a matter of fact, the POFIT chair is endorsed by Eow Sze Kim, a veteran physiotherapist who specialises in neck and back conditions. Based on her extensive experience with different back and neck pains and injuries, she recommends the chair as an excellent choice for optimal support.


Customise the Chair by Adjusting the Different Parts


Recline with single lever controls at 4 back tilt positions, or set it at ‘loosen’ or tighten’ modes to adjust the resistance on the tilt for relaxed or firmer support.


Another unique feature is the adjustable seat length. Researchers found that in order to sit comfortably, your feet should just reach the floor with your knees resting at a 45° angle. Your seat, then, should touch the back of your knees.

Long legs, rejoice! You can easily adjust the chair’s height with a single lever. If your thighs protrude from the edge of the seat, you can pull on the seat to extend it. Properly supported legs alleviate pressure from the hips, letting you sit for long hours without pain.


Adjust the 3D armrests to your preferred height, angle, and depth to customise your support.

Sleek Design, Colours, and Material

The POFIT chair is good for your back and easy on the eyes. It features a soft yet durable mesh for the back. As for the seat, you can choose between mesh, leather, or fabric to match your room. Mesh colours include professional-looking black, light grey blue, and burgundy.

Whichever your colour and material selection, you’re looking at a sleek and modern piece of furniture that will suit any office or study room!

Intelligent Features

Further advancing its mission to eliminate chair-related pains and discomfort, POFIT is the world’s first chair with Bluetooth connectivity to a smart app. The app guides you on proper sitting postures and recommends optimal chair adjustments and positions for you.

The battery-enabled back and seat contain sensors which communicate with the app. The app records your adjustment settings and makes recommendations based on your profile input. Some user-friendly features include:


  • Healthy Sitting Posture Guide: A detailed guide on how to adjust the chair to suit your needs and habits.
  • Lumbar Protection Setting: A step-by-step guide on adjusting the Bionic Spine support. Once you’ve input your selected positioning, the app will tell you if the positioning is optimal for your height and weight.
  • Sitting Posture Warning: The chair uses sensors to track the way you sit. Set periodical warning alerts to correct your posture when you are not sitting with good posture.
  • Sedentariness Warning: Set periodical warning alerts to get alerts on how long you’ve been sitting for, reminding you to go for a coffee break!
  • Sitting Posture Evaluation and Statistics: Switch this on to build good sitting habits. The app evaluates your posture and tell you what to adjust, and gives you statistics of your posture and sitting time.


If you can’t wait to get your hands (and bum) on this one-of-a-kind chair, then make sure to drop by our showroom and test it yourself! 

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