Ergohuman Elite 2

Ergohuman is designed specifically for those who are in an office chair for long periods of time.

New adjustment points have been added

Ergohuman combines a strong set of ergonomic features with a stylish, contemporary profile that’s designed for extraordinary long-term comfort.
Armrest tilt-up on the front

Armrest tilt-up on the front

Front angles can be bent upward to support your forearm when using a mobile device.
Forward tilt function

Forward tilt function

The backrest can tilt forward to support your back when typing or reading.
Lumbar firmness adjustment

Lumbar firmness adjustment

The lumbar support has variable tension control from soft to strong tension.

Recline mode

Stable tilt and recline support positions.

Automatic lumbar support

Responsive and flexible lumbar support with gentle and firm adjustment.

5D armrest adjustment

Softer and wider armrest cushion with fully adjustable armrest.

Seat adjustment

Seat depth and tilt adjustable for better ergonomic support.

Backrest height adjustment

Greater adjustability in the backrest height with a range of 65mm and 6 locking positions.

2D headrest adjustment

A height (80mm) and angle (55°) adjustable headrest provides effective support to bck of the head.

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