With Over 800k Units Sold, This Ergonomic Chair is a Must Have

With Over 800k Units Sold, This Ergonomic Chair is a Must Have

Apr 05, 2024Developer WD

The current working environment has vastly changed in the past year making working from home or in new office layouts the new norm. What hasn’t changed though is the need for optimal seating. Imagine having to work long hours from home on an uncomfortable dining chair that will most definitely cause unproductivity and posture problems. These tedious working styles have contributed to hunched postures, back aches, and many other long term lumbar issues 

In comes the Ergohuman, a product designed by China Taiwan manufacturer with the ultimate goal of ensuring working adults attain comfort and support while seated. The Ergohuman has since been redesigned to feature various styles and makes, it is so popular that there are many replicas of it in the market. It is important for users to only purchase this chair from certified sellers. 

The Ergohuman chair offers excellent full-body support and easy adjustability, providing users with long-term comfort. Created based on the Human Engineering Concept, this chair features a futuristic design with high-tech capabilities centered around your everyday comfort. 

Need a little nudge to invest in this chair? We’ve got some numbers that you can’t deny. 

800,000 Units Sold & Counting 

The Ergohuman has sold over 800, 000 units worldwide and has a 100% overall customer satisfaction feedback rating. It is specifically designed to cater to individuals who sit in an office chair for long periods of time and has proved to be a favourite amongst many for long term comfort. 

Fortune 500 Companies Approved

This ergonomic chair has been a top pick for Fortune 500 companies who value employee wellbeing and comfort. Combining a strong set of ergonomic features with a high back and headrest, this chair provides users with complete support and comfort making the Ergohuman a go-to option for companies. 

97% Recyclability 

Did you know that the Ergohuman is 97% recyclable? Not only will you own a chair that features premium quality materials, you’ll also be able to have peace of mind, knowing that this ergonomic chair has also been awarded with the Greenguard Gold Certification for its eco-friendly nature. This product meets some of the most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds into indoor air.

5 Ways To Achieve Total Comfort

The Ergohuman has been dynamically designed to help you achieve your optimal level of comfort whilst using the chair. Here are these 7 ways the ergonomic chair can be adjusted to fit your needs;

  1. Headrest: The high headrest is positioned to give your neck a break and this feature is adjustable, allowing you to find a comfortable position whether you’re sitting straight up or reclining. 
  2. Lumbar Support: This ergonomic chair allows you to adjust the back of your chair to fit your height and the shape of your spine. The lumbar support adjustments will ensure that your spine and lower back are well supported. 
  3. Arms: With adjustable arm chairs, your forearms are able to rest comfortably while the arm pad pivot adjustments provide you with maximum comfort to achieve a proper ergonomic position. 
  4. Height and Depth: This chair has knobs that allow you to easily adjust the seat according to your height. To adjust the depth of your seat to accommodate your upper leg length, all you’ll have to do is slide a lever forward or backwards. 
  5. Resistance: To accommodate your weight, you can increase or decrease the resistance of the chair’s tilt by turning a simple hand wheel. You can even adjust the angle of the backrest in relation to the seat providing you with secure lumbar support as you rest on your back. 


3 Way Seating & All Day Comfort

Offering excellent full body support the Ergohuman is made for all day use and versatility, allowing you to sit forward, upright, and reclined all while being thoroughly supported. Regardless of your seating style, this chair was curated to ensure your spine and overall posture is braced, giving you comfort and encouraging efficiency. 

3 Colourways 

This product boasts various customization options, one of which is its colourways which come in blue, white, and black. The Ergohuman is also available in mesh, fabric, or leather options with polished aluminium frame alongside a range of other styles. 

1 Stop Shop 

For 10 years the AM Office has been the main distributor of the Ergohuman in Malaysia. While there are a variety of similar products in the market, AM Office features the classic Ergohuman with customisable options. Aside from providing you with customisable options for Ergohuman, AM Office also offers stress-free after sales service, top notch customer service, product warranty, and flexible delivery options that are free!

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